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On Tuesday June 25, the San Juan County Council is scheduled to deliberate on a decision to purchase approximately 16 acres along 1427 Neck Point Road to support Public Works operations on Shaw Island. This Council meeting follows a community meeting with Council Chair Jane Fuller that was announced on May 23, held on June 3, and recapped in a press release issued on June 7. Council and staff have received and incorporated feedback from this meeting into ongoing exploration of this potential purchase.  

Additional Background

Last year, during a May 9, 2023 Council meeting on Shaw Island, several residents raised concerns over road maintenance – primarily flooding, drainage, and culverts. County staff acknowledged those concerns and spoke to the need of locating a new construction yard on Shaw to provide an economical and sustainable location to dispose of material generated from road maintenance activities. The County’s Public Works Director, Colin Huntemer, indicated that he had been reaching out and having conversations with members of the community on this topic and encouraged others who may have interest or ideas to come forward.

Over the past year, the County considered several properties before agreeing to enter into a Purchase and Sale agreement for the property at 1427 Neck Point Road on April 19, 2024. Since that time, County staff from various departments have visited the property during a due diligence period that will conclude on June 26, 2024. Over the past few weeks, County Council and staff have also connected with residents, potential neighbors, and the public regarding their interest or concern regarding this potential purchase. Public feedback continues to shape the ongoing discussions surrounding this potential purchase. 

The County Council continues to welcome public feedback regarding this potential action and will continue to engage with staff to better understand the concerns raised by the Shaw Island community.

Find a list of frequently asked questions about this acquisition and their answers here:

What Happens at the Council Meeting on Tuesday?

On Tuesday, June 25, the Council can choose to move forward with the purchase or determine that it is not suitable for the Public Works Department and move to terminate the acquisition in accordance with the terms of the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Questions and comments may be directed to the Public Works Director, Colin Huntemer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..