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By Cindy Carter

ig Rick Larsen 3I was called last night by Rep. Rick Larson for a town hall. Doubtless, Rep. Larson will claim he held a town hall to hear constituents concerns.  What he did was cut anyone off who started questioning anything not related to the US VA, even if it did relate to the Veteran's healthcare, such as military aid to Israel, and even if it was from a Veteran.

During the hour of calls, we heard from persons who were afraid their veteran would die before getting "rated" which comes prior to getting funding or healthcare.  Another who complained they needed to get "rated" every time they had some issue, which took forever.  So the veteran's healthcare was not that great apparently and Rep. Larson would not even discuss any other issue.  Yet we can be sure he will be touting this as how he "listens" to people from the NW, even while he does not live here any longer.  Why does this person keep getting elected to represent the people of the 2nd Congressional District?   Who actually votes for this person?  Definitely time for a change.