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Age: ~8.5 months old
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Medium Hair, Black
Origin: San Juan Island
Weight: ~5lbs
Personality: Conscientious, One-of-a-Kind, Worth-the-Wait
Energy Level: Varying, and still revealing itself.
Likes: Building Trust, Cryptozoology, Fellow Feline Friends
Dislikes: Parades, Poachers, Surprises



Hi, my name’s Diamond, and just like the gem I’m named after, I am rare in my own right, and beautiful in my own unique style. Just like the diamonds humans use to adorn themselves, and celebrate and show their love, it’s my hope that I’ll soon get to be THE Diamond that someone can treat like their beloved treasure.

 A little backstory on me, I initially came to APS through our TNR (trap, neuter, release) Program. Which is a humane program designed to help decrease the population of outdoor-living (often feral) cats. We are caught in a trap, brought into the Spay/Neuter Clinic to be fixed, vaccinated, ear tipped (to mark that we’ve been spayed/neutered), and returned to the field. However, sometimes when us younger cats are brought in, we are evaluated to see whether or not we can be further socialized and adopted into a home. When I came in as a TNR I was by myself, young, non-fractious, and it was February and very cold out. With all of these things to consider, after my successful spay surgery, I was moved into a foster home where human foster moms took care of me, and helped me to warm up more, and become more social. Aside from their TLC, what really helped me come out of my shell was that in their foster home were other foster kittens like me. My timidness comes out around humans sometimes, but with new foster-siblings to play with, I became more and more confident. After enough time growing and learning in foster care, I was ready to move back to the shelter, and onto their Cat Side “Adoption Floor” which is where I’m currently living.

 I know how important “getting seen” is in terms of adoption success, but if you’re going to come and find me, there are a few quick things I’d like you to know first:

  • I’ve come such a long way in my socialization, and am still working hard on it, but trusting people doesn’t come naturally to me. Because of that, you may notice I can be timid at the start, and usually run away from you many times before I know I don’t need to. I’m looking for a special person(s) who will be patient and understanding with me, and someone who will believe in me, like I believe in myself. My foster mom would hold me and I would purr and purr in her arms. It just means I do things at my own pace, and that’s okay!
  • As I mentioned at the start of this, I’m Diamond, rare in my own right, and beautiful in my own unique style. My brand of uniqueness includes my curly squirrel-like tail, my TNR tipped-ear (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all! It just adds character), and my very small size that still baffles APS-FH staff. Add to these characteristics, the fact that I have dark-like-the-night fur, and that I’m good at running and hiding, and my rareness now takes on an almost mythological creature vibe. But like many mythological creature folklore will tell you, I will (eventually) happily show my magic off to those who seek.

If after reading this feature, you feel like you could be the person(s) who will take the time, respect my cues, and love me for all that I am, I promise to reward you with daily riches and love for a lifetime!