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The Island Guardian, Inc.
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January 12, 2005

A Message from the Publisher:

The Island Guardian was created by a number of local citizens from different islands in San Juan County with the goal of producing a locally owned and controlled news media, that had the county wide connections, and desire, to report an in-depth review of topics, ranging from government actions -and lack of action- to those general topics that may be of interest to the members of our community, and do so in a manner that will be both hard hitting and thought provoking, in editorials and factual in news reporting. We also want to have fun, and yet serve a purpose. With that in mind, we have created the Weekly Nag, where the public can vent and suggest how our life style can be improved. For the serious minded, It is the aim of the Guardian to present the views of the Left, the Right, and the Center, in the form of columns, guest editorials and letters to the editor. Hard news will be just that: a statement of facts as we observe them. Under no circumstances will we reject any letters to the editor simply because we may disagree with the content, or feel it may influence public opinion in some way that we personally, or professionally, agree or disagree with.

As a corporation we are selling stock in the corporation, and once the stock is sold it is our intent to produce a weekly printed paper that is widely distributed to all the islands. Our revenue will be depended on the citizens of our county. A minimum qualification to purchase stock is one must own property or reside in San Juan County. We will not accept any out of county advertising if it is in direct competition with an existing service or business in the county .

We have started a new journey and we ask you to join us, not only as readers, but also as providers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,
Jack W. Cory
360 378-9400
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San Juan County’s Annual Hazardous Waste Round-ups this Spring

San Juan County is gearing up for its annual hazardous waste round-up collection events, providing our community with a crucial opportunity to safely and legally dispose of poisonous, flammable, corrosive, or other hazardous chemicals.HazMat Roundup

"Over the last six months, the Lopez and Orcas solid waste facilities have both experienced alarming incidents where hazardous chemicals interacted, leading to dangerous reactions and the temporary closure of the facilities. It is paramount that both residents and businesses prioritize responsible disposal of hazardous waste to prevent such unsafe situations," said Katie Fleming, Solid Waste Coordinator within the County’s Department of Environmental Stewardship.

Household collection events will be held from 10:00am to 2:00pm at the solid waste facilities on San Juan (May 4), Lopez (May 11), and Orcas Islands (June 1). An event will also be hosted on Decatur Island on June 15, with the location and time to be announced at a later date.

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week Pinkie


Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~ 7 lbs
Personality: Intuitive, Mature For Her Age, Unique
Energy Level:Medium
Likes: Bold Eye Makeup, Costume Parties, Horoscopes
Dislikes: Balloons, Hair Balls, Sticky Things

Hi, I’m Pinkie! I was named because of my perfectly pink nose, but now that it’s also my favorite color, my name fits me in multiple ways. You can find me in Community Cat Room #3 at APS-FH, where I’ve been staying as of late. I was living in a home with so much love, but too many cats to sustain, so I was brought here along with five others; one of which was my son, who I’m happy to report has already been successfully adopted!

Between becoming a young mother, living in my last home, and now sharing a room at the shelter while we wait to be adopted, I’ve never been solo. Although I find comfort in the closeness of those I love, I’m also starting to explore what it means to be me, without others around. Who am I, what do I enjoy, and how do I feel, when I’m alone? These are all questions I’m working on figuring out now. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be happy in a home with other fur-family members, but I also think I might quite like being the sole recipient of my next human’s attention & affection. 

More than anything, whether I am one of one, or one of a few, I want to be adopted into a home with a person(s) that allows me the time, space, support, and freedom to become all that I am meant to. In return, I promise to fill your life with so much love, companionship, fun, and fulfillment!!

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week Meeko 1

Age: ~14 years old
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Short Hair


Origin: San Juan Islands
Weight: ~13 lbs
Personality: Artistic, Magnetic, Merry
Energy Level: My energy is dependent on my mood and the venue, but mostly I’m still quite active at my age
Likes: Caviar, Having a Reason to Dress Up, Sunny Days
Dislikes: Body Shaming, Critics, Red-Eye Flights

March 2024 “Volunteer of the Month” San Juan Island

Nancy Hodges

Volunteer of the Month March 2024 Nancy HodgesThe Animal Protection Society - Friday Harbor (APS-FH) is pleased to announce Nancy Hodges as Volunteer of the Month for March 2024. Nancy, or “Nan” as most of us call her, has been volunteering at the Pet Food Pantry since October 2023. Since then, she has been a crucial and welcome addition to our crew of caring individuals that help those pets in need.

Call for Vendors and Entertainment at 2024 San Juan County Fair

CountyFairNewsThe Fair provides a great platform and exposure for vendors and entertainers alike!… Read on